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School Newsletter Submissions

  • Submissions for the school newsletter or additional flyers must be in the school office the Tuesday of the distribution week.
  • Late submissions may be considered on a contingency basis if submitted to school by 10am the Wednesday of the distribution week.
  • All submissions must be approved by the principal, prior to them being placed in the communication envelopes. If approval is not given or requested, fliers or items may not be included in the envelopes.
  • If your organization requires the office staff to make copies, your organization will be charged $0.05 per page paid to the school.
  • All notices, newsletters, and other papers are emailed or sent home every Thursday. Most items will be emailed, but there are times when it is necessary and important to send paper copies home as well.
  • We ask families to check the communication emails or envelopes as soon as possible to keep up-to-date on the activities in the school and parish.

2For Newsletter Submissions Please Email