Protecting Youth

Protecting Youth at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

OLPH Protecting Youth Policies
Report Suspected Abuse or Suspicious Behavior
Create a New Virtus Account and Begin the Process
Login to an Existing Virtus Account
Sign the Guidelines for Protecting Youth and Vulnerable Adults Form

 If you are not sure as to whether or not you need to create a new account or sign in to an existing account please contact Joshua Mocek at or call him in the Church Office at 419.382.5511.

Report Suspected Abuse or Suspicious Behavior
If you need to report a suspected instance of abuse or suspicious behavior please fill out our reporting form by clicking here. You may also choose to contact Joshua Mocek, our compliance officer, directly by emailing him at or calling the parish office at 419.382.5511. Please know that any and all information related to  reporting abuse or suspicious behavior shared with Mr. Mocek is confidential and will only be shared with the appropriate Diocese of Toledo personnel. Those personnel will then determine the course forward. For more information or to contact those diocesan personnel directly please see the diocesan webpage below.

Protecting Youth Guidelines and Registration
As of January 2017 all employees, school volunteers, and CYO coaches/volunteers must complete the protecting youth requirements. These requirements include taking an online course and background check through what is called the Virtus system. These new requirements are to be completed once every five years and grandfather in any classes and background checks completed under the old requirements within the last five years.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help has created its own Protecting Youth Policies that closely follow the requirements set forth by the Diocese of Toledo. To view information from the diocese please take a look at the diocesan information below. To view the OLPH policies please click here. 

If you need to create a Virtus account and begin the process of completing the protecting youth requirements for employees and volunteers please click here. If you need to login to an existing Virtus account please click here.