Pastoral Staff and Committees

Pastoral Staff and Committees

PastorFr. Joseph Steinbauer

DeaconDaniel Quinn

DeaconRobert Lesinski

DeaconDaniel Waters

Director of LiturgyBonnie Walton

Business ManagerHelen Raczkowski

Parish SecretaryKim Williams

Head of MaintenanceGalen Stoner

MaintenanceDavid Tremp




The Finance Committee is an advisory body to the pastor and is responsible to review the total financial situation of the parish. Duties of this committee include:

  1. Review of monthly financial statements
  2. Review of current income/expenses to budget
  3. Assist in preparing new budgets
  4. Propose ways of providing additional funding
  5. Review proposed extraordinary expenditures
  6. Keep the parish informed of the current financial condition


The purpose of this foundation is to support and assist Our Lady of Perpetual Help in its educational mission by providing supplemental funding for existing and future programs and services such as: education enhancement, student scholarships, and the continued existence and success of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Donations become a perpetual investment because only the interest generated from the Endowment is used, not the principal investment. The foundation consists of a Board of Trustees, the pastor, and the school principal.