OLPH Girls Scouts

girls scoutsWhat your daughter gets out of each day is up to you.
So, did she have any amazing adventures today?
Did she have a chance to discover her potential?

To build confidence?
Girls Scouts offers endless ways to turn boring days
Into days she’ll remember all her life.


The experience can be as individual as each girl.
Which path will you and your daughter take? What is cool about Girl Scouts is there is not just one way to be a Girl Scout. You decide!
Troop. Meeting regularly, girls can share amazing experiences, learn to make a difference in their community, and have lots of fun!
OLPH has very active Girl Scout troops from 2nd Grade through 4th grade. These are some examples of the fun activities that the OLPH troops do together every year- a festive Fall event, craft night, community services events, Girl Scout Mass, jamboree, Father Daughter Dance etc.

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