Junior High Ministry

The OLPH Junior High Ministry seeks to create an environment in which our High School parishioners are able to foster their spiritual and social lives. This is accomplished by exposing the youth to scripture and the various rich traditions of prayer in our church, and allowing them to build relationships with fellow Catholic youth. Two opportunities are available to our Junior High Youth.

Spiritus Sanctus

Spiritus Sanctus is latin for holy spirit or sacred spirit. Spiritus Sanctus takes place every Monday at 4pm from September to April, and seeks to enrich the spiritual lives of all of our junior high parishioners by exposing them to scripture and the various prayer forms of the Catholic Church. The name also emphasizes the kind of study needed by Junior High Parishioners. Namely their preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Therefore, the content may shift from year to year, but the purpose will never change.


Koinonia is an ancient Greek word for community. Once a month the High School and Junior High School parishioners are invited to participate in a social event that fosters community.For exact Koinonia dates please see the High School Ministry Calendar below.

2016-2017 High School Ministry Calendar