In an Emergency


IN AN EMERGENCY, students may use the office phone with permission.  Forgotten items do not constitute an emergency.  Please do not call the office with a message for your child except in the case of an emergency or last-minute change of plans.


In the event of an external threat to the school building we may be advised to go into lockdown. During lockdown no one is allowed in or out of the building. In the event of an internal threat such as a shooter the school will initiate ALICE Training Procedures. ALICE training is based on fight or flight. Teachers are directed to evacuate the building if possible, lock and barricade their door if the teachers believes evacuation is impossible, and last fight if neither evacuation or the locked door option work or are available. When the school goes into lockdown/evacuation, parents will be informed via email and text message as soon as is possible. We ask that parents respect the instructions of the school and law enforcement officials during such an emergency to ensure the best possible appropriate response.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that the OLPH School Office has been provided the most up to date contact information and that their carrier has been identified in School Speak. To identify your carrier login to School Speak, click Edit my Profile, add a mobile number, and then select the carrier. Text messages will not be sent unless your mobile carrier has been selected.

To view all of our Emergency Procedures click here for our Emergency Flip Chart